Who loves Pan-Hellenic Anarchist Pooches?

Trick question, obviously, since everyone loves Greek dogs, no matter the cause, who flock to Anarchist riots.

Let's all dress similarly, then -at the behest of some higher ups appearing on the same websites we all read- gather in a large conglomerate to protest the exact same thing...that will teach them that we mean business when we say that organized social structures are antithetical to individuality.

Anarchists: The Left's shameful answer to the Right's equally shameful Libertarians.

What about this dog you say? What's hi name? This little fella (perhaps two), goes by the name of Kanellos, and, looooooves, riots and demonstrations of all stripes.

A mystery mutt turned up at every major demonstration in Athens for the past two years and earned iconic status.

"I've seen him many times on TV," wrote one admiring blogger. "He doesn't seem to get scared of tear gas, explosions, petrol bombs and people screaming all over. He actually seems to enjoy himself a lot!"

In recent photos, the dog was seen showing solidarity with hooded rock-throwers and barking at cops in riot gear during anti-austerity protests.

Unbeknownst to most people, Valdimir Putin has a cheerful little Spitz named дорогой (Precious) that is the Crypto-Communist answer to Kanellos. However, when дорогой won't play with Valdimir, Putin gets ticked and orders Medvedev to kill a few journalists.

Kanellos (a/k/a Theodorus?) has attracted quite a following; including his own Facebook Page for Riot-Dog (hell yea, I friended him), his own Wiki entry, his own Blogspot blog

...and some painfully earnest Folk Music tributes to "our Comrade, Kanelos"...

That 30 hour Greek work week gives you a lot of spare time, and this is what you do with it?

But, irrespective of how silly the bloggerati and fauxnarchists fawn over Cinammon (Greek trans of Kanelos), I suspect that he just digs running with the pack; besides everyone knows that only herding dogs have the cognitive capacity to get past post-Marxist Hegelian analysis and move towards anarchism...

Your doctrinaire subordination to the centralized, mixed-market economy totally ignores the human and environmental toll of globalization. Pwned!!!



  1. Go watch some fox news A-Hole!

  2. "Anarchists: The Left's shameful answer to the Right's equally shameful Libertarians." your a fucking idiot in so many ways to even think that libertarians and anarchists are sided with a party. If you did the slightest bit of research you would know this. don't post shit if you don't have a clue what your talking about.