Welcome to Hell: Now serving #666

Ah, to be young, in love, and in the clergy...

Meet Bishop Walter Mixa, head of the Bishopric of Augsburg, Germany. Also, without a doubt, one of the most vile men currently walking the planet. Like many in the Catholic church, Bishop Mixa has become embroiled in the spate of scandals involving fucking pederast priests who can't bully little boys anymore in an interconnected, 21st century  pedophilia allegations.

 Whew. After that long, hot Latin Mass, I sure could go for a cold one...Hey, Tommy, stick your dick in this ice cream for a few minutes.

Mixa, currently the subject of a buggering investigation, recently took the unusual step of resigning in the midst of the investigation. More oddly, Nosferatur himself, Pope Benedict, accepted the resignation. When pressed about his reasons, Mixa emphatically denied molesting the fucking orphans in his care; rather, he admitted to...get this...beating them and physically abusing them.

This should make you cringe, and, unsurprisingly, it's one of the first images available when you image search "what the fuck".  As a general rule, humans can't abide children being hurt, even accidentally...much less inflicting evil or harm upon them.

Let that sink in for a second...the Bishop denies sexually assaulting children, and, instead, offers as his justification, the simpler time honored defense of "no, I didn't ass-fuck the orphans, I just beat the shit out out of them...

These are actual orphans in New York. There are many things that go through your mind. But, I'd bet my life you weren't deciding on whether you wanted to give them black eyes or shove your dick in their asses. 

That kind of evil requires a priest.



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