Stoya: Goth Fetish Actress & Model (SFW)

I think the title says it all...Stoya is my current obssession du jour. And, since my Penguins are getting their asses kicked in Game 7 tonight, I thought I'd post a few pics of this smoking hottie from NC.

If lesbian, goth, bondage porn is your thing, she comes highly recommended from my sticky hand me.


 So pretty. I want one for Christmas...

After teasing you with a blurb about lesbian porn, the least I can do is show you Stoya making out with Apnea.

By the way, if you're at all interested in this type of stuff, I recommend: Suicide Girls (kind of overrated), Burning Angel, AltFetish, Gods Girls, Razor etc...Don't worry, I'll get all link-ish tomorrow. Until then, grab your special sock and hit the old Google Search.



  1. Sorry, but that doesn't look like Apnea to me..?.
    Try Nenablue.com for pics of Apnea with her recent tats.

  2. thats not apnea...looks like Sasha Grey