Great moments in bandwaggoning....

I can say nothing greater than what Gallagher at the St. Louis Blues blog, St. Louis Game Time, said about bandwagon fans...

It's not often that you can pinpoint the exact moment that a guy leaps off of one bandwagon straight onto the awaiting deck of another bandwagon, but we did it tonight.

And what does he refer to exactly? The bandwagon fans that hop off and on the successive teams' dicks like a ten-cent whore on nickel night. For some reason, the most egregious attractors of bandwagon poseurs are the New York Yankees, the New England Patriots/Dallas Cowboys, and, of course, the Detroit Red Wings.

Alas, all good rides on the bandwagon come to an end. So, what happens when said Red Wings get knocked out of the playoffs by the long-underachieving San Jose Sharks?

Fortunately, it's so very very easy to hop the train mid-track when you have no emotional investment in the outcome.

To that end, voila.

 One of these things is not like the others. Vive el Bandwagon!


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