Why Monty Python will always be cooler than you...

I truly believe that there are no sacred cows. The best way to confront life's uncertainties, or certainties -as the case may be, is to mock them: religion, poverty, classism, medical conditions, racism, sexism, geopolitical strife, evil, inhumanity, crimes, etc...the first step to defusing these little bombs in our midst is to mock them.

Like this...

Bestiality + death = comedy

However, very few people before or since, have made such guileless fun out of our quirks like the guys in Monty Python. When Graham Chapman passed away in 1989, at the too-early age of 48, John Cleese and Eric Idle could have given him a proper, expected send-off. Instead, they eulogized him the way that Chapman deserved, and how we all should go out: smiling through the tears.

See, Death is funny...as long as you look on the bright side of life


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