Another busy-ass day in American Law

In the stealing-your-vote category, it has been discovered that Diebold (major GOP contributor and vote machine manufacturer) has installed "delete" keys into vote machines. Now, I wonder whyyyy the 'Thugs would oppose paper ballots or voter "receipts" of individual votes. Folks, they've been stealing elections for 9 years; this should come as no surprise. Readers are encouraged to go to Brad Blog, which is the place to read criminal complaints, e.g. regarding GOP vote theft, intimidation and criminality.

In a big, big win (finally) for consumers, the SCOTUS has rejected Big Pharma's argument that federal regulatory schemes preempt state laws; meaning, if you get bat feces in your immunization, you can sue the bastards under State law.

More good news: The 5th Circuit is going to hear the appeal of another Rove-instigated political prosecution. The 11th is likely to toss AL. Gov. Don Seigelman's as well.

But, as the SCOTUS giveth, the SCOTUS taketh away: Big lose for the environment today as the SCOTUS made it harder for people and groups to sue the U.S. to force it to comply with its own rules regarding environmental assessment and impact.

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