I have to quit smoking...Part One

Van Gogh wants to bum a smoke...and some earmuffs.

I have to quit smoking because:

I had to take a brief sojourn to the E.R. yesterday for crushing pain (long story, scant typing skills, but for an overview add a hernia to this). After the interminable blood panels, CT scans etc, I was waiting for the surgeon to show up with news of a possible ruptured appendix (didn't happen, thank god).

But the only things I could think were A) I need to call my daughter before I go under, B) Oh, shit, I don't have time or money for this, C) Shit, how is the Monkey Girl going to study for her exam in the hospital and D) Fuck, I really really need a cigarette. I wish I could rank order them...The fact that I can't do that alone tells me that now, more than ever, I need to try to quit....again.

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