Perhaps the worst thing ever...Poo Edition

Today, we're going to discuss poo. Why? Because I'm secretly 12 years old, and because -due to my recent illnesses/injuries- poo has figured heavily into my life and thoughts.

So, first, let's categorize poo. Much like Eskimos have thirty-seven words for snow*, there are several different scales of poo. I actually considered trying to categorize them myself. Fortunately for me (and my productivety) someone has already done that for me: Behold, the magic that is the Bristol Stool Scale:

Just like Sonic Frito Pies.

And, while this is a helpful little chart, I am disappointed that they do not include my alltime favorite, but certainly most disgusting, form of poo....

Fecal Vomiting.

Yes, that does mean what you think that means.

Remember kids, Percocet and blogging = bad idea.

* NB: Eskimos really don't have 37 words that mean "snow", not anymore than we have 37 words for rain.

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