Budget Woe$

Fiscal Apocalpyse is upon us...grim fucking news this weekend, kids, just a smattering here:

1. Trillion is the new billion re: bailout amounts and deficits (via BBC).
2. The Congress is completely and totally Balkanized along party lines re: the budget crisis (via Raw).
3. Meanwhile, the Grand Old Party (of Nero) fiddles while the world burns; this time by trying to talk Blue Dogs into turning on a plan that 70% of America supports (via WaPo)
4. In that same vein, Karl Rove is still a delusion fuckwad (via ABCnews).
5. Rush Limbaugh is beating the war drums for Hooverism, reiterating again that he hopes Obama fails...even if that means the failure of America. (via FauxNews Nutwork). Oh, and Rick Santorum agrees.
6. Shit is bad jobwise too; it's expected that more people will be out of job now than at any point in the past 60 years. (via Marketwatch).
7. Big Pharma has quietly (but detrimentally) been jacking up prescription drug prices...sometimes 100% and, in some INSANE instances, 3000-4000% more. (via Natural News).
8. It's so bad, that even conservative states have been mulling taxing porn, legalizing pot, and legalizing/taxing gambling. (via multiple sources).
9. It's so bad that Warren-fucking-Buffett is broke...well, comparatively.
10. And, it's not going to get better...at least until 2010...maybe.

Enjoy your day!*

* Pic via Bajan

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