The AJC ranks the SEC's most obnoxious coaches.

Right here.

I'd place my rankings a bit differently, though (from least to most obnoxious)
  1. Bobby Johnson (Vandy) No one dislikes the guy
  2. Dan Mullen (MSU) No one knows the guy
  3. Gene Chizik (Auburn) Too laughable to be irritating
  4. Rich Brooks (Kentucky) Curmudgeons unite!
  5. Steve Spurrier (So. Carolina) What a difference 10-15 years makes, eh?
  6. Houston Nutt (Ole Miss) Questionable morality, but a helluva' coach
  7. Nick Saban (Alabama) Yea, he can be an ass, but not to his guys and not to other coaches and players. The media hates him b/c he constantly feeds them shit sandwiches. Plus, he's our SOB to love/hate.
  8. Bobby Petrino (Arkansas) The thics of a greased weasel on speed, and I don't trust people with no upper lips (see Meyer, Urban).
  9. Mark Richt (Georgia) Too sanctimonious and smug by half; will run it up (though not usually), and all those arrests with scant punishment
  10. Les Miles (LSU) This bastard is certifiably insane, otherwise, he'd get higher marks
  11. Urban Meyer (Florida) On so many levels he is Saban's natural progreny (e.g., intensity, ferocity, work ethic, drive, etc) on others (including his blatant mendacity and skeezy behavior with players and recruits) he is not. Success breeds hatred, and I think we are going to see a lot of Bama-Florida games in the SECCG between he and Saban.
  12. Lame Kittens (UT) Never has one man done so little, yet been so praised. UT fans eat this shit up, citing his Q rating, but fellas I'll clue you in on one thing: SEC games aren't won with some California notion that publicity is good for the program. He is clearly outclassesd, outcoached and out manuevered. Come September that mouth-runnin' is going to net you exactly zero points on the scoreboard and a lot of animosity from the much better men you've shit on: Richt, Spurrier, Meyer and Saban to name a few.

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