Today's Hot Nerd: Nerd Candy for the Ladies

Nerd candy for the ladies (and gay or bi-guys; hey, I'm not discriminatory).

I present to you, your forty-fourth President of the Republic, these United States of America, Barrack Hussein Obama, Esq.

Hate to say it, but not for one instant in my 35 years of life did I doubt that we'd get a black President before a woman President. My suspicion is that sexism is just a little more entrenched than racism, or, at the least, more widespread and cross-cultural.*

* Well, that or the fact that Hillary is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIPAC; a Wal*Mart-shilling, Corporate-owned, gas-bag; and a raging, duplicitous bitch with all the baggage of Bubba accompanying her to 1600 Penn. Avenue. Ok. I'm going to go with this one.

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