Speaking of beating on cripples...

The University of Wisconsin Badgers, Big 10 fixture over the past decade, has decided in its utter bravery to add the University of South Dakota Coyotes to its 2011 schedule.

I know USD is a I-AA team now (after decades as a d-ii power) but, c'mon, USD? But, then again, from some of the smattering of Message Board Warriors, USD might be in the Badgers' league:

(2/27/2009 2:46 PM)
Maryland Badger says:
Didn't we almost lose last year to Cal Poly. If my memory serves me right, they would have won the game if they had a kicker. Wofford and S. Dakota may be in our league as long as Bielema is coach.

(2/26/2009 6:29 PM)
MB says:
The difference between Texas and Florida scheduling FCS schools is that UT and UF win Rose Bowls and National Championships year-in year-out. We schedule FCS schools and then proceed to get demolished 42-13 in Champs Sports Bowls. UF & UT-Austin have earned the respect from their fanbase and alums to schedule weaker opponents...we haven't won a Big Ten title in a decade and only have three more Big Ten Championships than the University of Chicago.


(2/28/2009 11:06 AM)
Leo the Lip says:
Memories of playing Nebraska, Oklahoma, LSU, Penn State, Notre Dame in the 60s and 70s grows dimmer and dimmer. It's sad.

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