Capitalism is killing us: Shitty Health Care that costs more

In a past life, I was a card-carrying member of the Public Health community (yes, I smoke and drink, but do as I say, not as I do). One of my big pet projects was universal coverage: either socialist style (the U.S. Armed Forces) single-payer (Canada) or multi-payer (France) systems for healthcare coverage and delivery. See my findings in "Capitalism is Killing Us" here.

Only now does big business want it changed...not because it's been fleecing folks for three decades since Nixon, rather because the current model is an inefficient system that is bad business for consumers and providers, and, in fact, provides us with all-in-all pretty piss poor health care.

" If the global economy were a 100-yard dash, the U.S. would start 23 yards behind its closest competitors because of health care that costs too much and delivers too little, a business group says in a report to be released Thursday. "

Thanks for joining folks.

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