T.O. to the Bills

Wh00t!!! Wh00t!!

T.O. the pride (and shame) of Alexander City, Alabama, all-pro nutjob is going to my beloved Buffalo Bills. We have Lee Evans on the outside, but not another demonstrable playmaker to take the pressure off of him (well, I guess Josh Reed in the slot, but that's just a slot position).

Last year, we were in the middle of the pack throwing the ball (about 30 atts per game for 209 ypg). But the production from the wideouts was awful, with only 14 tds through the air. TO has 25 in two years. Moreover, we carried a lead into the 4th or were within one score 7 times in 16 games. Yet, the inability to threaten teams through the air led to the sure loss in four of those...that's difference between 7-9 and 11-5. This year, we will win 10 and be on the outside for a playoff spot.

Great pickup!

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