Your Country is Fucked: Uzbekistan

The world's 56th largest, 42nd most populous country: Uzbekistan. Fuck the Uzbeks.

This landlocked country in Central Asia is not, in fact, Asiatic at all...it's Turkic, formed out of the ashes of the reclamed Turkic lands after kicking the Mongols asses out...eventually (hear that, Jin Dynasty?)

Uzbekistan exports a shit load of cotton, minerals and civil unrest. While it counts as its main imports oil development firms for the Aral sea, the occasional jihadist and ruthless ass-kicking imperialists (besides the aforementioned Mongols, see also the Parthians, the Ottomans and the Soviet Russians).

The market economy is a farce and human rights abuses still abound under world class asshat Islam Karimov. This tiny, mountainous shithole calls Tashkent its capital and stands firmly astride the worlds of the old Ottoman empire and the equally-defunct transcaucasus Russia.

Uzbekistan, you're fucked.

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