Obama keeps stem cell promise

Pop Quiz: Does this single cell look like a baby to you? Or....

Pres. Obama has kept his promise to open up the promise of stem cell research.

In case you don't remember, Bush didn't veto a single piece of legislation for almost six years. The Democrats regained leadership of the house and senate in 2006, and then and only then did the Pretzelnit Autocrat start wielding his veto crayon; striking down such things as equal pay for women, labor policy, children's health insurance and threatening to do so with anti-torture legislation. But, his very first veto was for something wildly popular: Stem cell research. By a wide, bipartisan measure, Congress passed a bill permitting research into stem cells and their use. And it was overwhelmingly popular with Americans (not the brightest or most scientifically inclined bunch...so it's gotta' be worth something). But, the fascist theocrat (e.g., "43"), struck it down based solely his own religious convictions, and of the other dead-end 19% of Americans who comprised his base.

Stem cells are highly variant, as they are the only cells in the body that can take on the characteristics of other, mature cells. This, in essence, gives scientists another tool in the arsenal against paralysis, genetic diseases, cancers and other conditions which are the bane of human existence. Today, Obama kept the pledge, reversing Bush's executive order against research into stem cells. Naturally, the Wingnuts are apoplectic, with some even daring to call this breakthrough into human medicine "a distraction". Fuck 'em...elections have results, and humanity can and will greatly benefit from American energy, industry, dollars and ingenuity in helping to explore the hope that stem cell research represents.

Or, is this the baby? Case closed.

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