Allegedly better than FlowBee

You can get all fancy with your dynamic hose, clear attachments and fire-engine red enamel, but, at the end of the day, you're still Rick Hunt's bitch, RoboCut.

Better than Flowbee? Blasphemer! Yet, it is true. The RoboCut alleges to be be better than Flowbee. How, I will never understand. It is cheaper, true. But, you get what you pay for, as these reviewers note in discussing which is better: RoboCut or Flowbee:

I have actually used both. I started with Flowbee and then briefly tried a Robocut. I'm sure I could have got a better feel for the Robo if I had used it more. The first time I used it though I spaced it out about what I wanted it to be for length, but its design generated more suction or something and my hair got cut way shorter than I expected. After that cut, it went on eBay and I've been using my trusty Flowbee ever since. lol

Take that! And, don't think you can fool the erstwhile American consumer by showing the RoboCut's uses for pets....

That's right, Lassie...you're Rick Hunt's bitch too.

Because Rick Hunt thought of that shit a looooong time ago when, in his vision, he invented the Pet Flowbee.

So, RoboCut, know this...yes, you are Rick Hunt's bitch, but, we are all Rick Hunt's bitch.

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