But, the good news is Alabama Practice has begun

Ironic that this man would choose Friday the 13th to begin practice in full pads, eh?

What's the encore for a wildly successful 12-2 season (#6 overall), whereby we were the #1 team for over a month before getting whacked by Florida for the SEC and falling flat against the Utes? Well, our main man -per his usual singular focus- has his sites set on one thing: Domination.

“Finishing plays, finishing games, it’s very, very important...The purpose of spring ball, first of all, is to give every player on the team every chance to be successful. That’s probably the No. 1 goal. Knowledge, technique, what to do, how to do it, why it’s important to do it that way, for every individual player is critical.

“Working to finish, working to dominate are our goals as a team.”

While I don't think 12 wins are in our future this year, the schedule shakes out a little nicer. The main issues to address are 1) depth on the defensive front (where we need some pass rush to help our back seven) 2) getting Fluker up to speed at LT and3) figuring out if this is the year where a game manager QB (McElroy) gets overtaken by raw talent (Star Jackson). Besides keeping your eyes on Trent Richardson, who will play from day number one, watch A) Dre Kirkpatrick take over the corner position, badly in need of an upgrade from Marquis Johnson, B) what we do without Rashad Johnson at the safety spot. That kid will be missed for his big play making and leadership, and C) young WR's Bell, Bowman or Kelly give us a much-needed #2 to free up Julio Jones

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