Nerd Hottie: David Tennant a/k/a The Tenth Doctor with special guest captioning

Guest Comment "Nerdalicious"

This was a requested Nerd Hottie (also nerd eyecandy for the ladies). Behold, David Tennant. This Scottish actor found his calling at age three as a bigtime fan of Doctor Who...and thereafter became "singularly motivated" to assume that role. Although Tennant is best known as the Doctor, he is a skilled stage actor, and is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Guest Comment: "The only thing that would be better is if it had the TARDIS in the background

According to Wiki this do-gooder from an Ulster Unionist family disavows the schism, is a supporter of ecologically friendly technologies, and was voted the "Greenest Star on the Planet". Additionally he is a patron for international cancer research. Not bad for a 37 year old bloke, and uber-nerd.

Guest Comment: "Superman for the nerd age"

Guest Comment: "You can bring your sonic screwdriver to my house anytime"

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