Your Country is Fucked: Slovenia

Ahhh, Slovenia....Welcome to the neighbors from hell: Surrounded by ethnic genocide and internecine Balkans warfare to the East/South; the Teutuons and ex-commies to the North, and the old Roman empire to the West. The only good thing going is the Adriatic Sea, permitting the fucked Slovenes to drown themselves when one nation or another inevitably attempts to annex and/or slaughter the nation and its inhabitants?

Why does everyone have all the hate for Slovenes? Simple. They have no political subdivisions beyond their 182 municipalities. I kid, the real reason is two fold. First, like real estate, Slovenia is location, location, location....a natural entry point to and from the Balkans from the Old Empires. And, boy, did they ever.

Which brings us to the second point, Slovenia has, for most of its existence, never really existed...it's always been part of one empire after another....and not that British Empire, smug sorta imperialism...we're talking homicidal regimes: The Romans, the Ottamans, the Yugoslavs and the Hapsburgs. Later, it was incorparated (swallowed) by the Austria-Hungary empire; Then swallowed by the Fascist Axis powers in WWII. Did I mention that whole Yugoslavian thing?

Slovenia also earns scorn because, in a cesspit neighborhood, it has been a remarkable post-war model of political and economic stability (sorta' like Auburn Hills outside of Detroit).

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