Lord Stern to Planet: "Sorry, Chap, you're screwed"

I love the smell of Hummers.

Maybe now the "civilized" or "developed/developing" world will listen to "enviro whack jobs"...Global warming and climate change aren't just screwing the eco-system, it's worse than previously thought and is going to screw the global economy, too.

"Do politicians understand just how difficult it could be, just how devastating rises of 4C, 5C or 6C could be? I think, not yet * * * A rise of 5C would be a temperature the world has not seen for 30 to 50 million years. We've been around only 100,000 years as human beings. We don't know what that's like. We haven't seen 3C for a few million years, and we don't know what that looks like either.
Stabilising emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, might be about 1 per cent of annual global GDP by 2050. But the cost of doing nothing was found to be far greater – risking up to 20 per cent of the world's wealth *** Lord Stern revised this prediction, saying the cost of inaction would be "50 per cent or more higher" than his previous highest estimate – meaning it could cost a third of the world's wealth."

Full, excellent article found here, at the UK's Independent.

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