Challenging global warming concensus is "healthy"

So spaketh Fredd Hiatt, the Washington Post ombudsman in response to George Will's factually inaccurate article on global warming. In case you weren't aware, about three weeks ago the pusillanimous Will "cited" a scientific think tank for the proposition that global warming doesn't exist. The only problem is, they never said that; in fact, their conclusions were to the diatemetric contrary. So, having been busted lying, and being rightly slammed throughout the responsible world, Will did not in fact let the issue die...instead, he's publishing another denial story tomorrow.

Enter Fred Hiatt, the Post personal responsible for up- or- downing articles of dubious merit. He permitted the first one, even though fact-checking revealed it to be false, and now he's permitting the second on the grounds that "Do I think it’s somehow dangerous to have one of our many columnists casting doubt on this consensus? No, I think it’s healthy. And let the other ones come in and slam him, if they think it’s irresponsible. That’s what an opinion page is for.”

But, as is rightly pointed out, George Will may be entitled to his own opinion (and, I would argue he is not entitled to an "opinion" that is directly contraditory to fact; actually, that is called a delusion), but, he most certainly is not entitled to his own facts or empirical reality. Thus, the Post dictates that outright falsity and lying to the American public is healthy.

Wow. Too bad cigarette manufacturers didn't get this memo. Oh, yeah, they did...
And it makes me look cool? Thanks Doc!!

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