SEC quick hitters: 'Cuz that's really the only place football is played

Ole Miss. Remember them? You know, they signed 37 FREAKIN' PLAYERS (as opposed to the normal 25.). This means that -yea- they're going to have to start seriously chopping down the roster, grayshirting, hoping that some kids get medical schollies, some kids are academic casualties, etc. Well, two more bit the dust yesterday via the ever-popular being "dismissed for violation of team rules". And, for the record, I am not necessarily critizing the practice either. There is a good argument to be made (but it's for another time) that scholarships are ONE YEAR shots, and you have to keep earning your free education, or, that just like a tight job market, knuckleheads and disciplinary cases forfeit their spot to better citizens, ore useful to the programs. In the meanwhile, check out the excellent Ole Miss Blog, the Red Solo Cup.

Vanderbilt. Does anyone really care about Vandy? Nope, me neither. That said, Bruce Fowler, the 'Dores Defensive Coordinator was allegedly promoted to something called "assistant head coach in charge of defense". Cuz', you know that's really different from a regular ole' defensive coordinator, who usually is an assistant head coach and is, by definition in charge of the defense But, hell, it's Vandy: they don't have an Athletics Department, but do have a blog? WTF?!

Meanwhile, in God's Crimson-Colored Country: Our players are, by and large, sucking at the NFL Combine. Glen Coffee, a great powerback in college, is running slow as molasses and Andre Smith (man crush alert) has apparently decided that his Sugar Bowl agent footsie wasn't quite good enough...he's going to just skip the combine without telling anyone. Nice job there. The bright spot appears to be Rashad Johnson, and -I'm assuming, since it is so quiet, Antoine Caldwell. On the domestic front, no news is good news: e.g., no arrests, suspensions, etc, and everyone seems to be on the mend, except for poor ole' Roy Upchurch who is looking like a good candidate for Medical Scholarship. And, yes, there are a shitload of Alabama Blogs.

And, at the 'Barn: Deciding that it's not good enough to just name one shitty quarterback and get them to suck throughout the entire Spring, Auburn head coach, and avowed pudding lovers, Guz Malzahn and Gene "I love God more than Mark Richt does" Chizik have declared the quarterback race to be wide open. Excellent, split snaps between two lackwits learning a new offense is a recipe for teh FAIL! muhahahaha. Seriously, Jerry at the Joe Cribbs' Car Wash does a nice job.

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