Lawya': Ft. Sill, Skull & Bones, and Geronimo Part One

Excuse me, have you seen my democracy? I seem to have misplaced it.

Dramatis Personae:
The Skull & Bones Society: Yale's worst-kept secret, where the children of privilege rub shoulders, allegedly thwart democracy, and perpetuate an incestuous Ivy power hierarchy. Among its members (allegedly) are John F. Kerry, Sen. Prescott Bush, Bush 41 & 43, Rockefeller (all of 'em), the Heinzes, the Buckleys and the Tafts. Among the more bizarre accusations leveled against the Bones, is that in 1918 a group of these silver-spooned ninnies went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma and dug up Geronimo (all or portions, depending on whose tale, and usually involving his skull) for some of their arcana (e.g., "fraternal rites).

Ft. Sill Apache Tribe: The remnants of the Warm Springs & Chiricahua Apache tribes, relocated from SW New Mexico/SE Arizona to Oklahoma (at the time, "Indian country") following the defeat of the luminary chiefs Mangas Colorado and -more well known- Cochise. This tribe is housed in the dusty midden of Ft. Sill, where Geronimo [or Goyathlay--more on him in a bit] who had become their leader, died in 1909 of pneumonia.

This, by no means, is the list of the main players. But, for the time being, the violated (allegedly) and the grave-robbers (allegedly) are the central focus. Also keep in mind that there were several Apache tribes spread over several states (and two nations) with thousands of square miles of tribal land, and not all of the Apache were lead by, or fought with, Geronimo...indeed, there were many internecine battles amongst the Apache people themselves. This will become important in Part Three when the instant lawsuit is discussed.

In the meanwhile, I'll let the Hartford Courant give you the background of the lawsuit, and how this sad farce came to be:

Part Two (forthcoming): A Brief History and the Legal Basis of the Suit
Part Three (forthcoming): Legal Merits and Repatriation of Native Remains

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