Faked? Who gives a shit!

Reminds me of my very dear friend in law school (the one who failed the classes owing to his WoW addiction). Irrespective of that fact, I give not one shit if this is faked. It is the funniest thing I've seen in a long while.

Reasons I don't think it's faked.
1. Those bad boxers.
2. The unmanly shrieks and pig noises
3. The fact that even FAKING this video means he will never, ever get laid, until he goes to college
4. His brother, who rocks, BTW. Only an older brother (myself included) would take such glee at this misery, and THEN post his bro's Myspace profile online
5. The remote. Dear God, the remote.
6. The fear of god when his dad tells him to STFU.
7. Totality of the circumstances :)


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