Today's Hot Nerd: Nerd Dumpster

Nerd Dumpster. Sorta like German Goo Girls (seriously, don't click this unless spoog porn is ok with your boss/university/middle school). But unlike the previous link (which is -holy shit, NSFW) these are merely tasteful (and tasty) nerdy/dorky girls that ring Der Schatten's bell.

Cosplay has always seemed a little weird to me, which is odd since I am devoted fetishist and Shibari fan. On the other hand...I do like Halo....

 Behold the complete Perl script on this lass's heart-shaped buttocks....If I were a bigger dork, I could tell you what it said. Alas, I was a philosophy major, limiting my career options to barista or lawyer.

A buddy of mine from law school was enthralled by World of Warcraft: so much so that he failed three classes (unheard of)...I think I understand why now...

 I give up Warcraft; you win. If everyone is this smoking hot and inked up, then I'll go get my account tomorrow.

Mr. T, and his Mohawk grenade, approve of these Warcraft chicks...


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