Wonder Woman's worst kept secret...

As I told you Monday, Wonder Woman was a constant in my young life...any reason why?!

According to the folks at IO9, Wonder Woman is due for a massive, significantly darker, series of tales which will explore all of those issues that are (or should have been) massive undercurrents to this femme fatale. In an on-stage appearance with clive Barker (HOLY SHIT! CLIVE BARKER!), Grant Robinson, had this to say about our favorite Amazon

The basics of Wonder Woman come from William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who created the lie detector, of all things. His idea was that a utopia would be achieved if men were placed in subjugation to women. So, Wonder Woman is a character where you imagine this very strange mélange of girl power, bondage, and a slightly disturbed sexuality. There is this bondage element; these extremely weird dark elements of Wonder Woman haven't been adequately dealt with. Wonder Woman remains a really bizarre, untouchable character.
This is fabulous news, not only for the fan bois and comic lovers, but to we perverts who prefer some encounters to have the edge of power, to be a bit more twisted, to certainly be more time consuming, and ultimately, to have aesthetic gilt....

Shibari anyone?


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