In serious withdrawal, here...

no...not that withdrawal...

Moment of whininess here. I will be completely upfront. I do not watch much television...usually just stuff on History International, Nat Geo, The First 48, and college football. The latter is my particular love. The year is spent in anticipation of those 12-15 Saturday afternoons, where I can cook elaborate meals, drink cheap beer, and plop down to watch the boys of Autumn. And, it doesn't too much matter who's playing.

Mostly empty stadium, featuring two teams from the North Atlantic to which I have no ties, affiliation or rooting interests? Sounds great: Sign me up!

But now, my friends, now begins the long winter of my discontent, for there is no more College Football to behold. And, maybe that's a good thing, after an undefeated season, the University of Alabama's first Heisman winner, the SEC title and the National title, perhaps I just need to get back to the real world and savor the accomplishments.

But, that still doesn't explain what the hell I'm supposed to do until September 2010 rolls around...

Heisman-winner Mark Ingram's second TD iced the National Championship for Alabama this year...Great, now what the hell am I supposed to do for eight months?


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