Today's Hot Nerds: Nerd Dumpster 2

These are largely cosplay geeks, but it doesn't make them any less attractive (although, I am on record as saying cosplay is just a little too weird for my tastes).

Meet the ladies of the Stormtrooper Burlesque, at a bordello in London...every fan boi's dream right here...BTW: Those are fabulous boots.


This one is hands down the winner...the Stormtroopers are infinitely hotter in white...again, notice the awesome boots...


Everyone loves "Zelda"...some more than others...


This is pretty hot...Zombie ladies of Disney. I can promise you that when "Alice" comes out in March, the creepers will come out of the woodshed. Not that I object, Through the Looking Glass practically screams for some Cosplay and/or Tim Burton action


So, so true...fortunately enough for us, she was also smart enough to do one mildly naughty shot too....Probably NSFW, but if interested, keep on a'scrolling....

Yep, hot and smart...all you really want of out of life. However, please note the human version of the warning symbol akin to a snake's rattle, a/k/a the diamond. Taken.



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  1. second picture is from soul caliber not zelda