Updating the BlogRoll

Four new additions today, and all three are worth your time, they are linked below, and will, hereafter, be available to the left under various categories.

DirtyAngels, is a site with, largely, safe for work erotica of a dark nature. The models and photography are first rate, and, my current (and probably all-time) favorite, Liama is one lady definitely worth looking at. This is dark erotica at its finest, and truly an aesthetic pleasure.

Hear The World, is an endeavor by Nico to sample, and then share, all of the beautiful music from around the world; things that you might not otherwise be exposed to. Not a simple "indier-than-thou, blog, it's thoughtful and will open your eyes and ears to the creative efforts of musicians around the world.

For fans of concerts, reviews and rare releases of giants in the gothic music industry, this relatively new site, Dark Circle Room, is a must visit. No thievery or file sharing here, but a wealth of resources and referral site. Brilliant.

Looking for the lyrics to an Avenged Sevenfold song? How about old Skinny Puppy? Perhaps you like electronica and wonder what Blutengel is up to. Dark Lyrics has you covered. Great alphabetized interface and search features to boot.



  1. I need to come up with a better banner for my site. Thanks for the link.

  2. Anytime...Thanks for exposing us to your finds!

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