Really, really looking forward to the Thor movie. But, you're gonna' need some background.

I was an odd kid growing up: I was a voracious reader, a comic nerd, a gamer (AD&D holler), in the choir and jazz band, a pretty successful athlete, a hoodlum who spent a record 54 days of suspension in the 11th grade, an honors student, an amateur designer, and -most oddly- a neophyte proselytizer.

See, I wanted to bring back the gods. The very very old gods from Upsala and Thuringia and the Jutland. Of course, not really. What I wanted to see was a world where people worshipped their own gods, ancestral or geographical (fortunately, Neil Gaiman would write a book about this very concept. And, if I need to tell you the name, then...well, nevermind, I'll let you find it on your own).

So, yeah, renaissance kid borne solely from restlessness and heavy drug use.  But, the last one has really perservered. I am an atheist personally, but I really do still want to see our friends in France and the UK try to restore some of Angelesly's lost druidical lore. I'd have no problems with our Tuetonic neighbors rearing kids on tales of Asgard and the horrors of Niefelheim. And, specifically, I think it'd be a better world without the covetous, pissy hermit god of the desert holding sway in modern Christianity and Judiasm.

So, yea, really pumped for Thor. Let's have some Viking and Pagan Folk Metal, shall we?

Enslaved, Heidevolk, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, c'mon...what else do you need?


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