Tuesday: Blasted by nostalgia.

Yesterday's 1984 redux from Motorola got my fragile psyche prepared for sandblasting by nostalgia. And, for some reason, this morning the only thing I could really think about was Coke's epic (and epically creepy) Max Headroom.

Such a hit was Max, the disembodied, assholish, talking head, that he got his own talk show (and featured prominently on others).

So, chilluns' of the 80s, enjoy some Max Headroom, on "How to be Macho", with --holy shit!-- Pat Benatar's Love is a Battlefield. It does not get more throw-back than that, short of the Smurfs wrestling Voltron for the rights to choose which Styx song to play on the Walkman. 

There is a reason all of we Gen Xers are completely fucked in the head...


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