Wednesday's got a confession....

...not big into Hellecktro. Or Cybergoth. Or Aggrotech. Always been more of a fan of the subdued stuff. Blacks (sans neon), grays, lace, extravagance in layering. Classic, Victorian gothic...or, as I like to call them, pretty things.

The CG thing always struck me as an aesthetically unpleasant chic, and no where is it more unpleasant to me than in the musical scene it begat. I'm not bagging on it...just not my thing, and there are a couple of bands I do dig.

But, my confession is this: Suicide Commando does the shit well. Very Well.  And I groove on him.

This track, "See you in Hell", is the stuff of nightmares. Do not watch this while alone or on drugs.

Suicide Commando's "See You in Hell"
Soundtrack for the post-Apocalypse gloom-merchants.
h/t DJ Darkest Peru for turning me on to this so many years ago.

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