Pretty things for an ugly day

Today has been bust-ass...and, objectively, I can't really think of why it should have been. In any event, I think I may just mail it in for a bit, and get some rest. In light of the ugliness, bring on the pretty

For my money, there is still no culture more imbued with beauty and grace than the Japanese...

This is a great tattoo, and those are perfect breasts....

 Not really sure why I love this one so much; perhaps its my love of perfect heart-shaped buttocks, but, more probable is that you know my love of erotic knot-work. And, this hearkens to shibari that I do groove upon.

 If there is a better, sexy girl-next-door look, I still haven't found it. One of the pissers of living in the Midwest is that it barely ever rains; and I do love a good, sudden thunderstorm. They make everyone cuter.


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