Dorkdom Continues: LoTR Facebook Status

I've been collecting these for about a week from various site; most of them seem to have College Humor's watermark, so whether those clowns are responsible or not, let's just give 'em their due.

These are exceptionally funny, especially if you're a Tolkien-obsessed dork like me (and, for the record, Tolkien actually doesn't appear as a misspelled word, meaning that the Firefox programmers are that nerdy).

It's Narsil, dammit. Narsil!

Like elves have any sense of humor. Remember, they were cast out of Valinor, so they are glum creatures by nature...which is why that ridiculous coronation scene in RoTK still pisses me off! ARGH. They only weep over things like Feanor's treachery destroying the fabric of their society; not over a silly ass human.

This is funny as hell, because Merry probably does have a small penis; even by Hobbit standards.

More like strong ale and meat on the bone... and a couple million orcs, and a Balrog or two.
This is by far my favorite...and requires no explanation.

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