Nothing says Viral like Sarah Palin.

In fact, this idiotic bimbo should have her own condition named after her:

Palinitis: (n) extremely contagious mental illness, particularly virulent in, and spread amongst, the same 22% of dead-enders who perpetuated Reagan, W, the 1994 Congress, the birther movement, the "tea partiers" ad infinitum. Symptoms include: vague charisma to those who can neither recognize nor spell charisma, meaningless, incoherent and rambling statements -often mangling the English language; prone to logical fallacies of the most base sort; inability to comprehend the world in terms other than the dichotomous; pronounced superstition and overt displays of piety to a very clearly-defined, if not warped, monotheistic evangelical sect; deep-seated xenophobia with undercurrents of sexism, racism and not-so veiled desire for fascistic police state where the ruling elite are the corporate-military-religious elect.

Did I mention that's she such a dumb bitch she can't even remember her own talking points, to a movement she helped spawn? Behold.

Why won't she just go away? Are we really this fucking stupid and obnoxious as a nation?

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