Choose wisely...

You chose...poorly. In some of our cases, three times! Thanks Granpa...Platitudes without avoidance is like handing a rubber fist to a virgin!

My grandfather, who I adored, always told me the three truisms (and, pardon the impending passive voice); to choose wisely the following:
1. A spouse
2. A house
3. A career

WTF?! Why is this on here? Because it's fucking funny. That's why.
And, I did allude to a rubber fist earlier...

Now, seriously, think about this (pardon the pun), sobering statistic...One out of every seven lawyers  (1/7th...14%) consumes at least six (6) drinks every day. Or, to put it mildly, that's called binge-drinking. And they do it every night.

Ignore me...just looking for my brief.

Think also, about this...roughly one in five (18% actually) of alcoholics kill themselves. Not negligently, not stupid shit; just outright suicide.

Now, let's play the numbers game: That's roughly 3 out of every 100 lawyers killing themselves in the bottle alone. And, the numbers don't lie...we kill ourselves at least twice as much as the average joe. 

Any excuse I can get to be Winona's sub, I will totally take.
And, unrelatedly, if you have Google Search, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, make sure you put the filter on if you search for "big fun teen suicide" That shit just got me on some kind of watch list, I imagine.

I chose poorly.

I think all of this comes via a looping, winding road to complete and total job dissatisfaction. Law school sold me a false bill of goods. I dislike people intensely, but, I love ideas and verbal jousting and mental warfare, so I thought it'd be perfect. Ummmm. Not so much: Law school is a racket, the profession of law (noble though it may be) is certainly not for everyone...and that includes those of us who don't have the connections to be a big shit, the money to be a big player, or the family to be yet another superannuated supplicant upon the thrones of firmly-entrenched interests.
Ok. Need to stop now, before I just fucking quit it all together, surrender my licenses, and go be a chef.

Like this...only with more feeling.

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