Wenesday may be over its mid-career crisis

...or not. Perhaps ambivalence is really just a deep-seated sign of love. Sorta' like getting married: fear, trepidation, passion, excitement, surface resentment, etc. que sera sera

One of the very best cross-over metal/punk/hardcore bands of all-time (thanks Kanye!), is D.R.I. This track, "Suit and Tie Guy", is a classic. Also, if interested, check out old Fugazi, Black Flag, Cro-Mags, etc.

Lyrics go now:
Suit and tie guy
With his fashion phases
And his quarterly raises
Feels he's better than you and me

Suit and tie guy
Thinks he's real cute
In the bathroom for a toot
Until his nose starts to bleed

Suit and tie guy
I see he always hurries
I know he always worries
He's gonna die of a heart attack

Suit and tie guy
On his way to feeding
Or an important meeting
Just like a car on a track

Suit and tie guy
He travels between stations
With certain destinations
Never varying from that routine

Suit and tie guy
And he'll tell you in one word
That he is insured
And it's not as bad as it may seem


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