First Jedi, now metalheads...

I'm holding out for Ozzy or no one.

I can't seriously believe that this is being debated as a potential religion:

This week, the UK's Daily Telegraph reported that regional magazine Metal Hammer is campaigning for heavy metal fans to list their music preference as their religion on the next national Census....While this endeavor might initially read as a prank, it does highlight the fundamental role of metal music in the lives of countless people worldwide. Metal has always been a great unifier in that it supersedes race or culture in the name of a common passion. Fans build their lives around it more than many outsiders might realize.

Church clothes...

I don't doubt the sincerity of the adherents who actually want to make an underground music a lifestyle, but, seriously would you want to look to Cannibal Corpse, for instance, for moral guidance? (Hint, read the lyrics to "Entrails ripped from a virgin's cunt".). No, it's really that I don't think there's any set of unifying practices, a creed, set beliefs, etc. that could possibly be a stand-alone religion. Which "creed" counts? Old-School NWOBHM stuff? Hair metal? Pagan-Folk, Racist black metal?  It's just not likely to happen to cobble together a unifying message and set of beliefs and/or practices.  And, in America, that's going to be a First Amendment bar right off the bat. 


However, we are dealing with Britain, and since freakin' Jedi is considered a Census-Category religion there, anything could happen.  Which is why I say they hold out for Ozzy...the rest of us can just keep some perspective and rock out.


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