I get emails: Russian women dig me...

Not sure how my email address got distributed to the Russian bride folks, but these emails are at least waaaay, more entertaining than Viagra/Cialis/Nigerian business spam.

Who's got game? I got game...

Olga, for instance, calls me her "gentle sun"

She is getting impatient though...

Elena/Mary is brutally honest about her desire for lucre


 Should I call her Mary or Elena? What is the acceptable protocol here?

However, my personal favorite currently is Svetlana. She is a talker, and can apparently fall madly, deeply in love with her keyboard:


Sure, it's a sad story, but she does like wine and sex!

I think Svetalana is going to win the Russian bride lottery. Besides being more verbose than Olga and Mary/Elena, she also threw in a load of pictures!

I'm sure this is legit...I did mention she likes wine and sex right?

Who knew abandoned naval yards could be so sultry.
Eat your hearts out, haters!

I really hope that everyone's sarcasm meters were on this morning.


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