Real life is going to intrude today: Advice for law newbies

I can already tell real life is going to kick my ass...Been up for 5 hours, and -as I feared- the multitude of scattered tasks I have are taking a toll.

Look on the bright side at least; my new secretary is balls-out phenomenal. Remember, new attorneys, always be kind to both court staff and support staff. The former because, as I can tell you first hand, a law clerk is more than likely writing your order/findings & conclusions, as well as the fact that court clerks can fuck your life forever. The latter because your secretary is not only a part of your team, but is the gatekeeper against legal malpractice.

Don't be one of these....

And, for all persons, it simply is the right thing to do: They are human beings and nothing about your fucking degree makes you special or any more worthy as a person or legal/paralegal professional.

So, let's hear it for secretaries, shall we, in a Pinup Tribute to the folks that make our professional lives manageable.

 Can't complain about the hours, can you...
FWIW, if my secretary looked like this, I'm pretty sure the Fetching Frau Schatten would never let me work early or late ever again.


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