Thursday keeps its promises...

Speaking of promises, I promise three things to you

  1. That I will post my kick-ass story out of Seattle that I've been promising for nearly two weeks
  2. That I will either finish or get another installment of the "Alphabetical of Simple Pleasures" up
  3. And, I promise that there is such a critter as "Christian Goth". Among them is today's selection,
    "Saviour Machine", with The Promise

Not that there's anything wrong with being both Goth and being a Christian, in that Lord Byron/Emily Dickinson/Victoria era sorta' way.

But, I do have reservations about this whole "bedecked in white" schtick. And, I particularly have a problem with the proselytizing going on here. And, it's a damn shame too: It's a good band with talented musicians, and I suppose that they are entitled to whatever creative license they wish, but it still strikes me as....queer (in all of its non-homosexual connotations). 


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