Hunger Hurts, But Starving Works...

Sounds like a Neil Gaiman quote from one of his more memorable characters (Sable a/k/a Famine from Good Omens). Alas, those were not spoken by him, but by one of these manufactured "reality" television "celebrities" from the UK, Kenneth Tong.

"The words lunch, breakfast, and dinner should now mean nothing to you, you have eaten enough for a lifetime. Stop. You are disgusting."
You know what else is disgusting? Kenneth Tong

The full interview, available on Huff Po by Johann Hart, is a textbook display in misogyny and sociopathy, but this little excerpt should clue you in on what you're dealing with:

"Why concern yourself with other people's problems?... When I had problems, who was there for me?" He says that being a sociopath is a good thing - it "can make you highly successful in business, and I am going to make a fortune with my Size Zero pill."
Ah, the Size Zero pill. Tong tells me that fat women are "disgusting", and any woman over a Size Zero is fat and therefore "worthless." (Men are different: men only have to be rich.) He leans forward, and says evangelically that all women should become "managed anorexics", and his pill will make it possible. I ask him which doctors and scientific studies he has consulted to make his claims. After a long pause, he says: "Um... I've had personal trainers since I was twelve." Kenneth, personal trainers aren't doctors. What medical personnel have you consulted? He says he spoke to the doctor in his gym when he hurt his hand. What's his name? "I don't know." What did he say? "He said 'Mmmm, yeah, all right'."
But he then adds this doesn't matter because anorexia is a "subjective" concept.

 You know what else is a "subjective concept", Kenneth? Active Euthanasia and Suicide.
Choose one.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing this fucktwit has to say, and probably the only honest one, is that he is totally, 100% untouchable. Per Mr. Tong

"Truthfully, when you are as wealthy as I am, you can say, do and think anything without penalty, as you have no one to be accountable to."

And you know what? He's right. Zero is the new 4 in Tong's world. Managed Aneroxia (a term he coined himself) can be accomplished. And all those crappy, disposable women out there, can just get with the program, because they are too mouthy, too deceitful, too fat for Kenneth Tong.

Okay, Kenneth, since you're so qualified to judge people let's discuss a few things you could work on...it's only fair.
1. Your lips appear to have been wrapped around a few cocks too many
2. Whomever you paid to shit on your hair did a terrific job
3. "loaded" people can afford LASIK
4. Real mean work on shoulders, not just arms and neck
5. Your hairline is receding
6. Considering you're a 5'4" Chinese man, it appears as though you're dipping into the HGH, in any event.

h/t Monkeygirl.


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  1. In many cases the Hunger Hurts, But Starving Works. This is my therapy. There are many like it, but this one is mine. The words lunch, breakfast, and dinner should now mean nothing to you; you have eaten enough for a lifetime.