Tuesday Bluesday

Ugh. Bad morning. Still fighting a lingering flu bug going around; knees killing me; sleepy as hell; and a lot of little tasks are taking up my time.

All in all, not a great start to the day. I hereby proclaim that we rename the days of the work week:

Monday = Mournsday
Tuesday = Bluesday
Wednesday = Grimsday*
Thursday = Hurtsday
Friday = Sighday

*That works surprisingly well, since Odin (Wodan/Wodan, etc) is precisely where we derive Wednesday from, and Grim is one of his appellations. So, in that spirit, Fuck It. Let's listen to Viking Rock, shall we?

Amon Amarth, Danish purveyors of Cheesiness. But, there is something about this song that I do love, very much. I love how the singer guy here has the Hammer of Thor when, as we all know, his ass would have been a farmer, along with the abiding majority of Norsemen.

We like to think it would be all pillaging and razing towns, but if you want to see what happens when you give Germans/Danes/Swedes/Norwegians the opportunity to not go a-viking, think "Dakotas".

Lord, it's going to be a weird day.


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