Lowest Common Denominator: Part One

Morning folks (hell, it's even morning on the East Coast....so, hello, my fine Yankee friends). Anyway, just thought I'd do something a bit different, or -like so many of my projects- at least make a yeoman's attempt.

This joint has been around now since 2006, and as a stand-alone since 2008. I thought therefore that I'd try and hit the highpoints. It seems as though I'm getting about 6000-8000 hits per day (shiiiiiit, I should monetize this, but then the Bar would be all up in my business, and copyright issues would pop up, and I really don't want to make money anyway...I just want to vent/rant.). In that spirit, I can't fully expect you to trawl through 900+ posts and look for the good shit.

That's like finding the one non-pedophile, sexually normative Catholic priest: You can try, but it will be painful, time-consuming, and can lead to rectal itch.

Let's call it a worst of, then, shall we..or, really, a smattering of what goes on in these here parts? On to Part: The First



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