Lookie who won an award...

I totally misapprehended the concept of "boobie prize"...

Der Schatten is pleased to announce the vesting of a "Stylish Blogger Award" upon him by Siouxsie Law, (who in turn received it from Lady Euphoria Deathwatch --which is a fantastic little place, btw...both of 'em).

The ground rule for nomination are nearly as daunting as those secret Phi Beta Kappa machinations my professors confessed to whilst I was at Alabama (suffice it to say, my then-girlfriend got the nod, while I was left alone, in the cold...as usual. Although, that's probably a poor turn of phrase: Since A) it's hard to be cold in Tuscaloosa, and B) I don't really have to suffer through the whole 'alone' thing. But, you get the point).

Ground rules people:
  1. Thank and link to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Jot down 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Give the award to 15 other bloggers and let them know about it.

Taking these in turn

#1. Check. Thanks again Siouxsie...

#2. Seven Random Facts:

  • In college there was a pack of us who specialized in moderate drug use, serious alcohol abuse, and sleeping with one another at various times, named immodestly "the Seven". For some reason, we all wound up waiting tables at the same restaurant. Five of us went on to become attorneys. One is a professor of English Lit in Germany. The other is a professor of Philosophy at Wash U in St. Louis. And, the saddest part is that we don't speak to one another any more.
  • I play the guitar, the bass, drums, piano, sing, and was a professional musician in a past life (signed and toured and everything). 
  • I have the distinction of being on good terms with nearly every lover and/or serious ex who've passed through my adult life (High School FWBs do not count, as we're still larval adults then). I think it comes from A) honesty about motives, B) honesty about why shit is/was breaking down, and C) humor. Try those some time, you might find they work.
  • I love women of varying ethnicity and hues. If there were an 'ideal', it would be a cross between an Ukranian and a Latina. Yet, for some reason, I've dated Irish girls almost exclusively. 
  • I really, honestly do not take myself seriously. I take what I do seriously, when the occasion requires it, but you're more than likely to find me making juvenile quips while running around in boxers, than you are to find me in "polite society" being self-serious. So, take what I say with a grain of salt...it's just my natural revulsion towards, and reactions against, Republicans I think.
  • Siouxsie is afraid of Libertarians (with good reason). More than that, I'm terrified of "unschoolers" and the "unschooling movement".
  • If brevity is the heart of wit, then I'm witless.
 #3. Linkie-Linkie Nominations (some of these will be familiar names).
  •  Jack Balkin's "Balkinization" for serious con law nerds.
  • Glenn Greenwald's Corner on Salon
  • The various lovely ladies and their photo blogs at Dirty Angels
  • Dark Circle Room
  • Dark Lyrics
  • Doug Gillette's "Hey, Jenny Slater", a/k/a/, the Chancellor of the Sexchequer.
  • Orson Swindle/Spencer Hall's paradigm-shifting "Every Day Should Be Saturday".
  • Nico, Todd, OTS at RBR
  • Nico's music joint, "Hear the World".
  • Kleph's recipes, Andean reminiscing on Peru, journalism and football
  • Josh Marshall's investigative, center-left "Talking Points Memo/TPM Muckraker".
  • My current fantasy (all of 'em), at the Pinup Post.
  • Wahoo Corner...simply brilliant. Painfully, honestly brilliant.
  • Most of you law students won't get firm jobs (and 1/2 of you won't have a job within 9 months of graduating). Don't read the ABA's pie in the sky shit, start practicing immediately with Carol Elefant's My Shingle 
  • Violet Blue's delicious blog on all things alt-sex (sorry, perviness is inherent, I fear).

Anyway, thanks again, and remember, folks: It's a major award.

I hope it's not fra-geel-ay.



  1. No one ever warned me about radical unschoolers. The strength of their conviction only demonstrates the weakness of their position. I wouldn't have predicted unschoolers to be such a rowdy lot, or to be such avid readers of your blog.

  2. Unschoolers are batshit, jump the shark nutjobs. They make libertarians look sane.

    I'll go one up; they make Tea Partiers look sorta' sane.