Wednesday is for Whimsy...

Had a dream last night about that horrific, fascist trope "Enders Game". I don't care whether it's clever Hitler Apologia or whether it's means justifying the ends, non-Rawlsian utility arguments, it remains one of the most overrated, frankly frightful, books of the past quarter century.

Rather than dwell on the horrors of tortured kids engaging in morally "acceptable", first-strike, galactic genocide, let's have some whimsy, eh.

I can't think of anyone more whimsical than Germany's Knorkator.

Ok, this isn't terribly whimsical; still, don't underestimate the power of top-shelf Euro-trash industrial to start your day with a stiffy.

Bonus: Headbanging, mitten-wearing, Tuetonic Pianist!


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