Say it ain't so, Jack!

RIP, Jack LaLanne; fitness expert and a man who --even in his dotage at age freakin' 96-- could still kick the Predator's ass.

Jack, at age 95.

NPR's got your story

LaLanne, who died Sunday at age 96, became the fitness conscience of the nation after his daily TV show on exercise and nutrition debuted in the 1950s. Although the show aired for more than three decades, he is a distant memory for many Americans, a quirky part of cultural history. But up to the end of his life — he died of respiratory failure from pneumonia at his home in Morro Bay, Calif. — he remained as dedicated as ever to getting the country in shape.

You know, if you're like me, your only real memories of Jack are juice commercials, late night shows, obscure punchlines and the like. But, remember, for nearly 6 decades, this man epitomized fitness in America.

Seriously, do you know what he looked like at 40 years old? Without the benefit of modern training, medicine, techniques, enhancements, nutrition? It will put your ass to shame.

At 40.

Anyway, gentler oceans, Jack. Gentler oceans...try not to kick too much ass on the other side.


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