Nerd question for the Blogosphere

This site has been on Blogger for about three years now. I like the flexibility and use of Java-based items. My understanding is that Wordpress may be a bit more powerful, but it really restricts the use of Java in its script. Moreover, it doesn't support 3rd party Java-apps for tracking, such as the incomparable StatCounter.

My question is, those of you who've used WordPress (and/or Blogger) what do you think of it? And, are there any serious advantages to moving over?



  1. I use a wordpress.com cookie cutter blog. I have no complaints. But you are right that the stat tracking is much better on Blogger. Wordpress gives you little info about the stats aside from raw numbers and general information about the source of the hit.

    It takes about two minutes to set up a free wordpress blog, so you could set one up and try out all the bells and whistles.

  2. Java may be the main choice for enterprise development now, but it’s days are numbered as the only stalwart option to go with.

    Let’s face it, many of these so called “enterprise applications” could easily have been written much faster and with less overhead using technologies like Python, PHP, et al.

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