Thursday overslept

Again. Normally, out here I never have to set my alarm of doom; I've always woken up as the sky starts to grey and the sun makes its way over Volcano Hualalai. In the Summer that was 5:10. In Fall -so far- it's been around 5:55. The last week, however, the sun's not even making its way over the mountain until abut 6:40.

Far, far too late. So, in that spirit, let's pray for the Solstice, shall we? And an end to the darkening days.

Chalice and Blade's "I hear you calling".
Nope. Not a Wiccan either (or, more precisely a Gardnerian neo-pagan). 
But, I do think that if most of Americans were intellectually honest, they'd be a lot more down with some offshoots of European druidical religions or Asatru rather than follow some provincial pissy desert god.

That's a rant for another time, though.


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